The American Novel

The American Novel

A comprehensive exploration of 200 years of the American novel, offering information on more than 50 novels and authors.

Destination America

Destination America

A four-part PBS series that tells the story of the people and cultures that formed the nation.

Democracy in the Rough

Democracy in the Rough

An online companion site to Democracy in the Rough, a story about the 2006 national elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Journal Editorial Report

A PBS weekly news and commentary program produced by The Wall Street Journal.

In Search of Myths and Heroes

In Search of Myths & Heroes

The origins of and truth behind four powerful myths: Shangri-la, the Queen of Sheba, King Arthur and Jason and the Golden Fleece.

Texas Ranch House

Texas Ranch House

Interactive features: Test Your True Grit, Stock a Chuckwagon and Visit the Cooke Ranch.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court

Interactives on the Supremes’ inspirations and the Court’s history with the Constitution.

Peking to Paris

Peking to Paris

The Peking to Paris pits the history’s finest cars against the world’s most remote and treacherous regions.

Mixed Blessing

Mixed Blessings

An online companion site to Mixed Blessings, a documentary about the social and economic transformation of the Republic of Ireland.


Candide Media Works

A online production company I co-founded. We produced online documentaries and sites for top media companies.

Made in China

Made in China

A six-week digital documentary on science and technology in the PRC.


Marathon des Sables

Candide produced multimedia coverage of this extreme footrace in the Moroccan desert.



This site uses rare collections of eyewitness testimonials, native pictograms, and 16th Century engravings to recreate the experience of four conquistadors

Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets

An investigate documentary site that gives viewers access to the hundreds of documents from the chemical industry’s private archive.


America Rebuilds: A Year at Ground Zero

An online companion to the documentary about the deconstruction and clean up of Ground Zero.

Colorado College

Colorado College

A complete redesign of the college’s institutional web site.


Michael Palin’s Hemingway Adventure

A site that chronicles both Hemingway’s life and Palin’s exploration of Papa’s far-flung haunts.

Changing Face of Beauty

Lifetime Specials

An in-depth exploration of the idea of feminine beauty and the impact on women through the years.


Out of the Past

A documentary site that explores 400 years of lesbian and gay history.


Funky Town

A musical tribute to the strobe-lit 70’s which transports viewers back to that hedonistic period with sights and sounds.

Bonding for Jesus

Bonding for Jesus

A story about a Promise Keeper’s convention featuring stories, audio and images from the event.

Last Call

Last Call: Faces of Alcoholism

The stories and photography of Mark Peterson from his decade spent visiting residents of a nursing home in Minneapolis.

The Last Human Horses

The Last Human Horses

The story of the rickshawallahs of Calcutta and of threats to their livelihood.

Test Town

Test Town

Exploring how a marketing-research company, Behavior Scan, is tracking and scrutinizing the changing face of America.


Shooting for Larry

A story about local militia that features stories, audio and images from the Missouri 51st.


Slouching Towards Creation

The scientific and ethical implication of the first cloning of a sheep.

Cast in Mud

Cast in Mud

Child workers in Cairo’s City of the Dead

Heaven's Gate

Beyond Human

Why 39 people joyfully gave up their lives.


Eye on the White House

Diana Walker’s photographic coverage of presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton.


Gates Operating System

A site about Microsoft’s master told in images, audio and interview excerpts.

Club NATO: Is Bigger Better?

Club NATO: Is Bigger Better?

The pros and cons of expanding the alliance to include several former Warsaw pact nations.

Thirteen Trailermaker

Thirteen Trailermaker

An online movie editor, with video, stills and audio.

Where the Masks Still Dance

Where Masks Still Dance

The indigenous peoples of New Guinea with Chris Rainier’s photos, text and native music soundtrack.


Believers of many faiths flock to the Internet.

Deng Xiaopeng

The Last Emperor

The life and death of Deng Xiaopeng

Trial of Timothy McVeigh

McVeigh Trial

Coverage of the trial of Timothy McVeigh, along with audio of a jailhouse interview.


Inauguration 1997

Sights and sounds of the inauguration of Bill Clinton.

Best of 1996

Under the Big Top: The Year in Review 1996

Notable news and people of 1996



Examining a controversial weight loss pill.


Hong Kong Handover

Extensive resources on the handover of Hong Kong to China.

100 Years of Sci-Fi

100 Years of Sci-Fi

Time Magazine’s science fiction movie reviews

Guanxi Games

Guanxi Games

The controversy surrounding donations made by Johnny Chung and others to the Clinton White House.


OJ Simpson: The Civil Trial

Time’s coverage of the controversial trial