Bronx, New York

+ Taught new media journalism courses to undergraduates
+ Developed new course curricula for introductory and advanced multimedia courses
+ Created and produced an online student publication,
+ Offered introductory courses in multimedia storytelling techniques and digital reporting strategies
+ Offered an advanced course in web site design, using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CSS among others
+ Developed guidelines for the multimedia major as a participant in Writing Across the Curriculum
+ Received a faculty recognition award for teaching, 2011-2012

New York, New York
Adjunct Lecturer

+ Taught Fundamentals of Multimedia Storytelling courses
+ Offered introductory courses in multimedia storytelling techniques and digital reporting strategies
+ Programs covered: WordPress, Photoshop, Reaper, Final Cut Pro, mobile technologies, Google Forms, HTML
+ Taught Craft II Interactive, intensive writing/reporting course
+ Faculty adviser on Sense in the City, SPJ award-winning site for online feature reporting, ONA finalist DenseCity, ONA winner The Missing, and The End: New Yorkers Ponder Their Final Exits

New York, New York
Online Media Consultant, Project Manager

+ Developed editorial strategies for commercial and non-profit sites
+ Created compelling multimedia content
+ Managed web site production from conception to delivery
+ Drove site traffic through SEO and third-party publication
+ Engaged current and new site users with crowd-sourcing and social media
+ Collaborated with partners on content sharing and cross-promotion

New York, New York
Managing Editor

+ Oversaw the daily publication of online content
+ Managed a team of content producers and freelancers
+ Collaborated with digital operations on replatforming the site
+ Worked with on-air programs to promote and extend their offerings online
+ Built site traffic through third-party distribution
+ Increased user engagement with crowd-sourcing and social media

New York, New York
Senior Web Producer

+ Created documentary and news web sites for WNET and
+ Produced the American Novel for American Masters and interactive features for The Supreme Court
+ Produced sites on the Republic of Ireland and Congo for Wide Angle.
+ Directed the technical production of the American Masters, Thirteen EdOnline site Prairie to Paris
+ Researched and wrote interactive features for Texas Ranch House
+ Produced 60+ weekly sites for The Journal Editorial Report, a news and commentary program
+ Produced site Destination America, a four-part immigration series with David Grubin
+ Produced site In Search of Myths and Heroes, a four-part series on mythology with Michael Wood

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Director of New Media, Web Editor

+ Directed digital communications at the college, including an institutional site redesign
+ Worked with the alumni office to produce an online magazine
+ Produced online materials for development fundraising campaigns
+ Designed and programmed an online newspaper and magazine for journalism classes

New York, New York
Consultant, Writer, Online Producer

+ Developed online content for the UNICEF web site
+ Wrote copy and produced multimedia features for immunization and nutrition modules

Barcelona, Spain
New Media Instructor

+ Taught an online storytelling course covering editorial and production of news sites
+ Worked with students to produce a site on the municipal elections

Candide Media Works
New York, New York
Vice President, Senior Producer

+ Co-founded a digital documentary company
+ Conceived, reported, and produced award-winning sites for Time, Fortune, Discovery, and PBS
+ Directed teams of designers, programmers and sound editors

New York, New York
Multimedia Producer

+ Conceived, reported, and produced award-winning weekly multimedia stories for
+ Directed a team of designers, programmers and sound editors
+ Developed a production system for multimedia projects

AthenaNow Time Warner Publishing
New York, New York

+ Developed and produced interactive broadband stories
+ Designed online editorial production systems and templates
+ Trained and supervised a team of freelance writ

California Appellate Project
San Francisco, California

+ Lead the defense investigation for death row inmates
+ Located and interviewed case witnesses and family members
+ Wrote witness declarations and extensive case chronologies

University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, California
B.A. Rhetoric • Phi Beta Kappa


Fluent Spanish, Degree Superior Level 1992, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, Barcelona

Web Production

Proficiency in WordPress, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, FinalCut Pro, audio editing programs, CSS, HTML, Flash, SEO, web analytics